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Every human being can practice yoga as long as he breathes
Sri Pattabhi Jois

By Yoga body and spirit get connected through breath.It is an unamitious movement meditation.Attention is paid to one’s own body and breath.Yoga stands for change: Regular practice leads to the need.The own limits are perceived and the possibilities therein are going to be recognized.Yoga leads out from tightness and speed into depth and width of your own space.


Yoga and it’s benefits

  • Strengthens the body – and self – confidence
  • Improves posture
  • Focuses the spirit
  • Inproves concentration
  • Deepens the sleep
  • Strengthens and keeps you flexible equally
  • Reliefs from physical and mental tensions
  • Has a calming or stimulating effect – depends on practiced focus
  • Changes the perception of the breath and the body
  • Time for yourself

Hatha Yoga at Studio Katja Mögler

Hatha Yoga has no set movements. It provides multiplicity varations of the postures. In this way Yoga can be adapted to the body – not contrariwise. The postures should be practised in an equally stable and effortless way. There are various exercise approaches. In my classes we practice the Yoga positions both dynamic and static. Dynamic exercises are useful for warming and offer a good opportunity to adjust the movement of the control of breathing. Static exercises bring more precision in execution. By holding the positions the accurate alignment of the body is the aim.
A natural – upright, straight back is the focus of my courses. The goal is an attentive body awareness, which affects even outside the Yoga mat.
I attach great value on individual teaching. Depending on the time of day and dynamics within the yoga group, I adapt the lessons. Certain subjects, such as: neck and shoulder exercises can be influenced by the participants. If there are any problems during or after practice, this can be discussed. We practice with a minimum of four and maximum of ten participants in a group. Private lessons are suitable for people who place a high value for an intensive individual instruction.

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