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A massage from feet to head

Go on a jouney into an ancient tradition and experience massage in a completely new way:
This Far East relaxation method is used intensively and without oil.
Each Traditional Thai Massage consists of three main elements:

  • Thai Yoga Massage (Yang)
  • Acupressure Points (Yin)
  • Fascia Release (Yin & Yang)

Due to its dynamic movement elements, the part of the Thai Yoga Massage has a stimulating effect. As with Yoga, the body is stretched, with the difference that absolute passivity, letting go of activity and control, is desired.
An grounding, calming effect is achieved via the Acupressure Points and Fascia Release. This deep tissue work touches the body at its finest levels and ensures that internal connections are free and permeable. As a result, the flow of life energy can spread freely in the body.
Silent moments and dynamic interactions are skillfully combined. So the mind can dive into a specific state of relaxation. That provides clarity and calm on subconscious levels.
The key to a pleasant body feeling is a balancing Thai Massage. It contains all elements according to the needs of the individual. All this turns a Thai Massage into a work of holistic art.

Deluxe: Holistic massage that brings body, mind and breath in a harmonic interaction, 120 min
Comfort: Partial massage of certain parts of the body, 90 min
Classic: Massage of one part of the body, 60 min

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